Friday, October 11, 2013

Yes It is .. Earth Quake


     During his birth, little was the probability with her mother, to know that her son will have a long health disability.  The son Henry de Toulouse Lautrec fractured his right thigh bone at the age of thirteen and at fourteen his left thigh bone, the fractures forgot to heal and left the physicians bewildered, the scratched their medical knowledge and gave a name to the no to be healing syndrome as pycnodysotosis syndrome, with the troubling and twisting of tongue, it became Toulouse – Lautrec syndrome. Henrys leg failed to grow leaving him to be extremely short in his adulthood. To be precise -  it’s a body of an adult and legs of a child.

    With not able to participate in physical activities, art became Henrys only solace. His solace being a permanent one led him to be an important post impressionist and lithographer. His career in art spanned for twenty years, in which he has created more than six thousand works. The best skill in him is to capturing people in their work environment and a master in capturing crowd scenes.

    At the circus Fernando, The laundress, Ball at the Moulin de la galette, portrait of grabrielle, At the Moulin Rouge , In bed, Le coucher are few of his works, His portrait of Vincent Van gogh may have been his secret love to alcohol. With lot of mockery for his physical appearance and short stature, Henry drowned his sorrows and sadness in alcohol,

       Beer and wine were his first love, and it kept expanding in bounds and leaps, the love of alcohol continued throughout his adulthood. He never failed to treat his friends on Friday nights and made them try new variety of cocktails and then came the strong of Invention – The Earthquake , a cocktail made with the world’s strongest liquor Absinthe and the worlds best brandy cognac. This cocktail is part of Henry and is related to him, three parts of Absinthe and three parts of cognac sometime with ice mixed in a cocktail shaker.
      The death was visible, but Henry never gave up his love, he used a cane in his hand to hide the alcohol, and the cane was always with him as was the alcohol. In 1893, the time was fixed and Henry left his body to the other world with him were his cane and his alcohol love. 

“Est” – Latin Name for “It is”
NO one will call the bishop Johannes Fugger a drunkard, but then the time took his toll to Rome for the coronation of King Henry IV , the bishop with his other name Wine lover , send his servant Mr. Martin to find the best wines around the city. On finding the best one’s the servant scribbled Est (It is) in the front wall of the wine place, for the bishops eyes.

The Bishop with a renowned reputation never visited the wine Inns during the day time, for the fear of getting attention from the locals and spoiling his reputation. And he never wanted to take chance visiting an Inn which served a poor quality wine, for he has taken meticulous plan to enter the place. That made him to assign his servant with the Est (It is). Which means the Inn served good wines.
With the expedition for drinking, it took the bishop by surprise, The Est written three times in front of a wine Inn(Est ! Est!Est!). The overwhelmed Bishop, couldn’t resist his eagerness and forced himself in to witness the best white wine made from Trebhiano grape variety, the mildly aromatic wine with apple note and high acidity made him to spend his rest of his life in the Montefiasco wine Inn in Italy.

It didn’t took much time for his servant Mr. Martin to write”here in lies my master who died drinking too much” on the bishops tombstone. From that day on the village in Italy never failed to pour a barrel of Wine on his tombstone on every anniversary of his death. How many will have this kind of mourning for their death anniversary?

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